Tanta Agua
Feature Film, Uruguay 2013, 102 minutes
BERLINALE 2013 / Panorama
What could be worse than being 14 and on vacation with your father? Taking your children on vacation during seemingly endless rain. Since his divorce, Alberto spends little time with his children Lucia and Federico. The three of them set off for the hot springs one stormy morning: it's going to be a short vacation so they want to make the most of it. Always enthusiastic, Alberto does not want anything to ruin his plans. But the springs are closed until further notice and his children look at him with reproachful eyes causing him to fly off the handle. Soon enough, as the weather outside gets stickier, everyone becomes increasingly oversensitive. Meanwhile, the rain keeps falling and the house Alberto rented seems to be getting smaller by the hour.

TANTA AGUA (So Much Water) is a touching film by director pair Ana Guevara & Leticia Jorge. A delicate and sensitive story with a tender view and a laconic undertone in which everyone has to go their own way until they can actually find each other.
Malú Chouza
Néstor Guzzini
Joaquín Castiglioni
Executive Producer
Agustina Chiarino
Produced by
Agustina Chiarino, Fernando Epstein (Control Z Films)
Coproduced by
Tania Zarak (Bonita Films), Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings (Topkapi Films), Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach, Maren Ade (Komplizen Film)
María José Secco
Production Designer
Nicole Davrieux
Sound Designer
Daniel Yafalián
Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge, Yibrán Asuad
Maximiliano Angelieri
Production Manager
Florencia Chao
Written and directed by
Ana Guevara & Leticia Jorge

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