Pioneer Heroes
Spielfilm, Russische Föderation, 116 Minuten
BERLINALE 2015 / Panorama
Olga, Katya and Andrey live in Moscow. Like all the provincials they arrived in the capital looking for happiness. They are school friends. Olga is an actress playing in ugly series. Katya works in a big PR-agency. She’s in love with a married man. Andrey is a political analyst. He’s a hard worker who relaxes playing video games. As of today, they are rather successful people but they had quite another life once in distant 1987. Little Olga, Katya and Andrey had been dreaming of becoming heroes…
It’s 1987 and they are preparing to become Young Pioneers. Little Andrey dreams of inventing the pill to prevent death and save the humanity. Olga tracks down mythic spies who hunt the Soviet children. Katya dreams of becoming a pioneer. She finds out that her grandpa is a bootlegger breaking the law. She has nightmares about pioneer heroes.
Nowadays Olga, Katya and Andrey are the grown-ups leading the compromising Moscow life. There’s no place for big ideas, feelings and high aspirations. The dreams of the heroic deeds swiped for the dreams of stability. They are trying to live “like all the rest” but that gives them neither happiness, nor satisfaction…
Natalya Kudryashova
Daria Moroz
Alexey Mitin
Varya Shablakova
Sima Vybornova
Nikita Yakovlev
Yuri Kuznezov
Alexander Userdin
Svetlana Smirnova-Marzinkevitch
Buch & Regie
Natalya Kudryashova
Ruslan Gerasimenkov
Asya Davydova
Elena Lukianova
Svetlana Blagodarnova
Yulia Milovidova
Anna Proshutinskaya
Semyon Galperin
Sergey Selyanov
Andry Rydabov, Vasily Grigolyunas
Associate Producer
Natalia Drozd
CTB Film Company, Masterskaya Seance
Unterstützt von
Kultusministerium der Russischen Föderation
JPG-Format, ca. 15 x 10 cm, 300 dpi

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